Fresh Air Crossfit

Cool shot of Perry during his Sunday workout.  Gives you a good idea what it's like to workout at Central, lots of good fresh air.


8 minutes to complete 45 reps of thruster (65/95) and 45 reps of pull ups. Start with an unbroken max-reps attempt of thrusters, then pull ups. The athletes have the remainder of the 8 minutes to complete whatever number of the 45 reps they did not complete in their unbroken attempts,  however they want to break them up. Their score for that round is the combined unbroken reps minus any reps they did not complete in the 8 minutes.
Rest 4 minutes
8 minutes to complete 30 reps of bench press (75/135) and 30 reps of hang power clean (83/135), also beginning with an unbroken max-rep attempt at each.
Rest 4 minutes
They finish by rowing as many meters as possible with a limited number of pulls.  They are allowed the same number of pulls as their score from above (combined unbroken reps from the 4 movements).