2000+ Pound Total Under 200lb Bodyweight!

Jess was one of many showing nice split jerk positioning today.

The USAPL National Champion Jesse Norris has been tested by USA Powerlifting a reported 6 times in the last 18 months. This video shows Jesse surpassing all time totals from lifters that are both untested and that wear knee wraps. Jesse held the previous all time total record of 2015 lbs at 198 lbs bodyweight. Today he totaled 2033.7 lbs at 198 lbs, beating his own all time record. - supertraining06 youtube page


Clean and Jerk

10 Deadlift (205/315lb)
20 Double Under
8 Deadlift
40 Double Under
6 Deadlift
60 Double Under
4 Deadlift
80 Double Under
2 Deadlift
100 Double Under