Sit Up Straight

Another great thoracic and shoulder opening stretch (see "It Takes Two" post from a couple nights ago for another one) here today.  One reason this can feel great for so many people is that we spend most of our days in this unconscious upper back rounded position.  Did you just sit up straight?  That rounded position over years turns into your "posture."  But luckily so many things in our bodies can be changed, in the same way we changed it from being perfect (relatively) as a child to what it is now, we can work on opening that thoracic spine back up to a healthier more effective curvature.  Don't get frustrated if you feel like it's taking a long time, think about the time your body has spent memorizing this rounded position.  These stretches we've been doing (shout out to the Power Monkey crew) are excellent while in the gym, but you can also take a conscious step to sitting up straighter throughout the day, in your car, at your desk, at dinner etc.  It's all a relearning process that's worth some diligent, consistent, conscious effort.


Handstand work

5 rounds - 2 minute AMRAP:
1 prowler push buy-in
dumbbell front-rack step ups (20/24in) (25/35lb)
1 minute rest