Extensive Representation

Can you guess why this photo makes the the holiday party and other events we have so fun?  It's getting together with people from the gym you may rarely see.  Lindsay comes to 6am sometimes once a week, but she's almost always a 5 or 6pm-er.  Steph is 6am 4 L1fe!  And Kari comes in around the 9 and 10am classes.  Full representation of our extensive class schedule right here!


25 minute clock

50 sit ups, push ups, and lunges then:

AMRAP - 10 med-ball cleans, 10 wall balls, 5 weighted (med-ball) tuck ups, hanging from the pull up bar, and 3 weighted (med-ball) pull ups.  

Each completed round the weight of the med-ball you use counts as your score for that round. You can choose different weights each round.