Ivy Walk

It's your chance to say holy shit, t's your chance to use the muscle pumps in your legs to help push blood back to your heart for better blood (or Qi) flow and recovery, it's your chance to talk about the workout with fellow crossfitters, it's your chance to give props to your peeps, it's your chance to come back to life, it's your chance to give high fives, it's your victory lap, it's the Ivy walk.


6 x 2 Back Squat, tempo (3 seconds down, 3 second pause at the bottom, stand) on the first squat, regular squat on the second.

Running clock - 3 rounds - 6 min AMRAP:
800 meter run
rd 1: DB front squat (30/40lb)
rd 2: DB Push Press (25/35lb)
rd 3: DB Thruster (20/30lb)