It is true, for most people it becomes harder to maintain good form fatigued under intensity (doing more work in less time increases intensity).  That doesn't mean it's not possible, and it doesn't mean it isn't something we should all strive for.  In a perfect world we would all do our workouts at the highest intensity possible without losing any form, creating the highest level of adaptation and benefit.  For most of us though, we teeter that line of technique and intensity, pushing the intensity until we feel like our form is going to falter.  Today was nice to see a lot of people push that intensity while keeping their form.  The first photo is of Scott hitting a nice power position mid workout. 

And again, nice positioning.


5 rounds:
3 minute AMRAP:
1 power clean (75/115lb)
1 hang power clean
2 front-rack lunges
- 1 minute rest -
2 minute clock:
200 meter run for time
*score rounds and reps, and slowest and fastest 200m run