Take It Outside!

Anita competed in a Power Lifting competition this weekend.  We also had Cari Martin run a marathon this weekend!  It's great to see clients take their training outside the gym and apply it to different modalities.  
A few words from Anita, aka the champ :) "Well, I did much better following commands and ended up with 70 kilo (154lbs) bench press and a 155 kilo (341 lbs) deadlift. I got the gold in my age/weight division (out of 1)! It was a good day!!!"  She also back squatted 275lbs and made 286 but didn't wait for the command to walk it back in!  She squatted 286!

This race was the 20th anniversary of Cari's first marathon.  She beat her goal of sub 3:30 with a 3:28!  Very impressive!


1RM Shoulder Press

400 meter run
21 hang power snatch (65/95lb)
400 meter run
15 power snatch
400 meter run
9 (squat) snatch