It Takes Two

Ever wonder why it's called a power clean or power (often seen as "push" in the crossfit world) jerk?  As opposed to clean and jerk?  These power variations require the bar to be moved a further distance.  In the clean, power is receiving anywhere above parallel, and in the jerk squatting would be called a squat jerk.  Essentially, it takes more force to move the bar a further distance, therefore the power requirement is greater, hence the word power.  Today we did both of these power variations, in the power clean and power jerk.  But first, it's always good to open up that thoracic spine, even if it takes two.


3 rounds EMOM: 2x (Power Clean and Power Jerk)
3 rounds every 90 seconds: 1 Power Clean and Power Jerk
3 rounds every 2 minutes: 1 Power Clean and Power Jerk

3rds: 7 deadlift (155/225lb) 1 rope climb
3rds: 5 deadlift 1 rope climb
3 rds: 3 deadlift 1 rope climb