Big News!

The IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) is bringing the world championship to the U.S!!  For a little over a week starting November 20th, the world's best weightlifters will be in Houston, Texas competing for a world championship and olympic spots.  This year's world championship in Almaty Kazahkstan was tremendous, so don't miss this rare opportunity!  It's been almost 30 years since the world championship was in the U.S!  Can't help but think the recent surge of weightlifting popularity in the U.S. and elsewhere, largely due to Crossfit, has landed Houston, Texas the host city honor for 2015.  In a recent Instagram post, Ilya mentioned doing Crossfit as part of his training.  I think the IWF is paying attention.  If you're interested at all in making a trip out there, get in touch with Gary (831-212-1474).   Pre-sale ticket prices end tomorrow (2/12) at 3pm.   Full access is $80 a day, that includes access to the training hall and great seats right up front and center!


5 Rounds:
2 Bench Press
Max Effort Dead Hang Pull Up

3 Rounds:
400 meter row
5 times through:
1 DB Deadlift (35/50lb)
1 DB Hang Power Clean
1 DB Front Squat
1 DB Push Press
1 DB Hang Clean Thruster
* each round is every 5 minutes and for time.