Ladder Rungs

Here's some folks climbing Josh's Sunday shoulder press, front rack lunge ladder.


24 minute AMRAP
Each round begins with an unbroken front rack lunge/shoulder press ladder set (1/1,2/2,3/3,4,4...). Once they drop the bar they complete a run, rope climb, and GHD situp triplet, reps and distances dependent on what rung they worked up to on the ladder. The corresponding run distances, rope climb reps, and GHD sit up reps are as follows for the 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, and 5/5 or higher rungs completed, respectively: 100 m run, 3 rope climbs, and 4 sit ups. 200m run , 2.5 rope climbs, and 8 sit ups. 300m run, 2 rope climbs, and 12 sit ups. 400m run, 1.5 rope climbs, and 16 sit ups. 100m run, 1 rope climb, and 30 sit ups. Their score is their total number of shoulder press reps completed.