Tabata Matchup

Rami and Robert matchup for this creative tabata workout.


Teams of two complete the following:
Assign each team their own column that is 12 blocks long. They start on opposite ends of the gym working towards each other by completing Tabata intervals of five different movements: push ups, med-ball front squats (14/20), sit ups, KBSs (35/53), and shoulder press (20/30# DBs).  Each athlete starts by choosing a rep goal for the Tabata intervals for the first movement. If they successfully complete the rep goal for an interval they can move forward one block. If they do not achieve the rep goal they stay in place and choose a lower goal for the next interval. Once they meet their partner they do one more bonus Tabata interval for that movement for max reps, take a minute rest, then start with the next movement on the list, until all five movements are complete. Their score is the final rep total for each teammate once the meet plus the max rep totals for the bonus interval.