Father Time

The most important variable to consider in a "for time" workout like todays is time.  Time has the biggest influence on your intensity.  That is why we strive to modify these workouts to have everyone finish around the same time, ensuring everyone receives a similar stimulus.  The two main variables that determine the time of the workout are volume (number of repetitions) and load (amount of weight).  Manipulating these two variables gives you the opportunity to modify the workout appropriately.  An example of an easy volume scaling modification for this workout would be to do less rope climbs.  Maybe instead of 5-4-3-2-1, you do 2, or maybe even one each round.  A simple example of scaling the load would be to take the weight down on the barbell.  These modifications are done, again, to have everyone arrive at the end of the workout around the same time, because that means everyone will attain a similar stimulus the workout was meant to give.  Can you think of other ways to scale this workout if you needed to? 
Denise, Collette, Terry and Leslie all scaling back the weight a bit to make it an appropriate workout for themselves.


30 reps of deadlift at 135/95 lb
5 reps of rope climb
200 m run
25 reps of front squat at 135/95 lb
4 reps of rope climb
800 m run
20 reps of hang power clean at 135/95 lb
3 reps of rope climb
400 m run
15 reps of hang clean at 135/95 lb
2 reps of rope climb
800 m run
10 reps of clean and jerk at 135/95 lb
1 rep of rope climb
200 m run