Beasts Of 15.4

If you take a look back through the open and consider the two competitors in Scott Panchick and Josh Bridges facing off Thursday night, you may be inclined to think burpees are on the way.  First the assumption is that Castro wants to give the competitors something they're good at, to really showcase a world class performance. Both of these guys are on the smaller side, especially Bridges coming in at 5'5 169lb, so common sense would say bodyweight movement and not a max lift like the deadlift which we saw what happened with that 405b for Bridges in the 2013 games.  The next common sense conclusion would be that there have been burpees (and in a big way) each year in the open, so you have to think they're coming either this week or next week, and the matchups may lean you to think this week (Thorisdottir, Camille and Briggs are 15.5), for the reasons just noted and a few more..
Maybe most importantly, Scott Panchick tied a random guy Danila Shokhin for first place on 12.1 (7 minutes of burpees) getting 161 reps!  Bridges was out that year.   First live announcement of the open the following year 13.1 (burpees and snatches), Panchick took down Dan Bailey (who most people were favoring) and ended up 5th in the world in that workout.  Who was 6th?  Josh Bridges, 2 reps behind.  14.5, burpees and thrusters, Bridges got 1st in the world by almost 30 seconds (which is enormous in a 8 minutes workout competing against the rest of the world)!  Panchick came in 15th worldwide, about 1 minute behind Bridges.  
Regardless of what comes out, these two are as legit as they come and a perfect matchup.  Panchick is 4th in the world right now, Bridges 18th.  Bridges won workout 15.2 and got 4th in the world on 15.3, so both of these guys are coming in hot!  Honestly, the pressure here is on Castro to program a workout that will showcase the capacity of these two beasts.  So what's it going to be, burpees yay or nay?


10 minutes to build up to a heavy 1 power snatch + 1 snatch.  Then, EMOM for 8 minutes complete 1 power snatch + 1 snatch.

For Time:
3rds: 7 maneaters (25/35lb) & 7 toe to bar
3 rds: 5 maneaters & 5 toe to bar
3 rds: 3 maneaters & 3 toe to bar