Sunday Action and A Real Impressive 205 Clean and Jerk


Athletes will do intervals of 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest.  Each interval begins with a buy-in. The first buy-in is 10 reps of deadlift (155/225) then they complete as many reps of push ups as possible for the remainder of the 30 second work interval. Each interval the deadlift buy-in decreases by one rep.  Athletes continue until they either finish 10 intervals or complete 100 push ups. Next the athletes complete 100 sit ups, not constrained by an interval of time. Finally, they do the first portion over with different movements buy-in is kettle bell swings (35/53) and the reps are box-jumps (20").  They finish once they have completed 100 reps of box jumps or 10 intervals.  They have a score of time completed and total reps of push ups and box jumps combined (max 200).