Shouts Out

No faces here, just food.  Big shout out to Mr. Kyle Leach for carrying this years open BBQ, SO GOOD!


For time, with a partner complete the following:
60 times (as a team) through a barbell complex (hang power clean-shoulder to overhead-back squat-back to overhead). Partners work at the same time until someone has to set their barbell down (initial weight is their choice).  Before they continue with the complex reps they each complete the same number of reps of double unders as times through the complex that they still need to complete, as a team the same number of push up reps as the number of reps of the complex left, and one rope climb each. Additionally, every time they put the barbell down they remove at least 5 pounds before starting again.  Their score is the time to complete 60 reps of the complex and the combined final weights of their barbells.