Speed : Positioning

Speed out of the bottom of your front squat will help you lift more weight.  With that speed and rebound though, it becomes increasingly more important to maintain good positions.  As an example, you must make sure the bar stays back with your torso and elbows up as you rebound out of the bottom.  If you let the bar drift forward when you rebound up, sort of hip driving out of the bottom, that will either consume more energy to stand up or you could fail the lift.  Speed is good in squatting, but not when it's at the cost of positioning.
Dana here was using a nice little rebound out of the bottom while keeping solid positions.


5 x 3 Front Squat
*each set every 3 minutes

5 x 3 Clean (any variation)
*each set every 2 minutes

10 Rounds:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups