Crossfit can be objectively measured using the power output equation, power = Force x Distance / time.  In the case of a rope climb, you can measure it by the distance of the climb, the weight of your body and the time it takes you to climb the rope.  What is missing here is how you climb the rope.  If you climb it with no feet, does that equate to the same power output as if you climb with feet?  It definitely requires more work to climb the same distance, at the same bodyweight in the same amount of time with not feet.  There either needs to be more variables considered for measuring these movements objectively or how you move is somehow factored into the force variable.  Anyone?



3 x 5 Bench Press

10 minute AMRAP:
1 Legless Rope Climb
10 Wall Ball (14/20lb) (10/11ft)
20 Double Under