Staying Upright

We focused solely on staying as upright as possible in the front squat today.  Where the bar is when you stand it up is where you want it for the entire squat, over the middle of your foot.  It is a great challenge to stay upright and keep the bar over the middle of the foot.  The video here is of Ryan staying nice and upright in his set of two.  Can you notice a difference between the two squats?  Can you guess which one he said felt easier?

Notice where the bar is in relation to his foot while he's standing up here.

We're being picky here but notice how's it's a little forward, more over the ball of his foot. This is similar to his first rep in the video.

More over the middle of his foot?  Notice how he's more upright as well.  Second rep in the video.


5 x 2 Front Squat
*all at the same weight

x number of burpees EMOM, go up two reps every 2 minutes, starting at 5 burpees.  For example, EMOM for three minutes 5 burpees, next three minutes do 7 burpees EMOM, then 9 EMOM for 3 minutes and so on until you can't hold that number.
Score total reps.