Take Care

Cool little shot of two main things we do in Crossfit training, push and pull.  Good way to take care of your upper body.


Three Rounds for time:
Teams of 3 start each round by completing 50 reps of ball slams and 50 reps of wall balls. Two people switch back and forth between the movements every 5 reps until 50 of each have been completed.  For the entire workout a third member of the team can replace one of the other two after completing a 200 meter row or 40 double unders. Next, two people work towards 100 reps of sit ups, working at the same time. Finally, the team must complete 50 pull ups and 50 reps of dumbbell bench press (30/50), switching every 5 reps, and subbing in after a row or double under buy-in.