Down The Road

Olympic weightlifters are the most powerful athletes in the world.  You can objectively measure this by the amount of weight the lift, the distance they lift it and most importantly how quickly they perform the lift.  In olympic weightlifting it's easy to see the power of an individual, you essentially can't snatch, clean or jerk a significant weight unless you move yourself and the bar quickly.  If a guy is snatching over 300 and a girl is snatching over 200, you know that's a powerful athlete, not only strong, but also very powerful (speed strength).  In the traditonally slow lifts though, like the deadlift, back squat, bench and press, you really only prove an athletes strength, not their power.  BUT, if you watch someone do one of these tradiionally slow lifts quickly at a heavy weight, you know this person is neurologically wired with some serious power.  
Shane still is not a super experienced lifter, he's never done any significant squat cycle, just our programming which sees usually one heavy squat a week, back squatting once every two weeks.  He has tremendous power, not just strength, he's wired for it.  You can tell this by how fast he moves the barbell here.  He obviously has more in the tank, but this 3x3 at 345b was more than he had every done for that set and reps, so it was a win/progress to do this weight.  To do more than you've ever done and to have it look like this, you know there's big numbers down the road.   


3x3 Back Squat

5 Rounds:
1 minute: Muscle Up
1 minute: Double Under
1 minute: Rest