Dat New New

If you find yourself walking into a Sunday workout, as I did this morning before the 9am ended, you'll more than likely discover a big group of people scattered all over the gym using almost every piece of equipment we have.  Sunday workouts are very unique and if you're one of the few who hasn't tried them out, you may be missing out on your new favorite workout!


30 Minute AMTRTRAP (As Many Ten Rep Tabata Rounds as Possible):
A Tabata timer is set to repeat for 30 minutes. During each work interval (20 seconds) athletes try to complete 10 reps of one of five movements (weighted sit ups (20#), overhead squats (33/45), ring rows, push ups, or KBSs (35/53)). They continue on the same movement until they cannot get 10 reps in 20 seconds. Before moving on to the next movement on the list they complete a buy-in of 20 double unders and 1 rope climb.  The score is the number of work intervals that they successfully complete 10 reps.