CSCC Community Craigslist

You've probably noticed our little bulletin board in the gym.  Over the years it has just been a place to post relevant to the gym information.  We've cleaned it up a bit with this idea of it becoming a sort of gym craigslist.  The idea here is that there is no better place to go first then your local Crossfit community whenever looking for a service/business or if you're trying to buy or sell something.  The gym provides a fantastic group of trustworthy people.
As seen in the photo below, the top half of the board will be "for sale/wanted" and the bottom "services/busineses."  When someone posts something they want to share, we can also post it here on our website.  We hope this will open up more effective communication regarding these things within the gym and be of some benefit to you all.


5 x Max Effort Strict Muscle Up
5 x Max Effort Strict Pull Up

4 Rounds:
2 min: Calorie Row
1 min: rest
1 min: Push Up
1 min: Prowler Push (5ft = 1rep) (140/230lb)
2 min: Rest