Dad's Day

Here's to all you dads who worked hard today and everyday!
Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day.


Five 4-minute rounds with a minute rest in between with a partner.  
Every round each partner tries to earn 100 points before 4 minutes expires, then row (alternately) for as many calories as possible for the remaining time.  Each round has two movements. They do a max reps, unbroken, attempt of the first movement with each rep counting as 3 points . Then reps of the second movement count as 1 point per rep and can be completed in as many sets as needed to accumulate 100 points.  Teammates don't need to wait for their partner to finish their 100 points before starting to row for calories and can help towards their partners total once they have finished their own.  The movements for the 5 rounds are as follows:
Rd. 1 (3 pts.)  press (45/65) . (1pt.)  push press or push jerk (45/65).
Rd. 2. (3pts.) ball slams (1 pt.)  air squats.
Rd. 3. (3pts.) double unders (1pt.) singles. For the jump rope round each member must accrue 300 points.
Rd. 4. (3pts.) dips (1pt.) push ups.
Rd. 5. (3pts.) knees to elbows (1pt.) sit ups.
Score is total calories rowed by team.