Sunday Funday.

Outside of any coaching experience I've had, getting to watch the teens perform at this years Crossfit Games was the #1 highlight of my Crossfit life, stretching back through a 10 year period.  I've been trying to put it into words over the past 5 or so days, talking with different people on why it stands out so much to me.  Is it their strength, how well they move, their determination, their focus, they're freshness, or maybe they're just so cute ;).  I haven't been able to accurately explain why it was so incredible to watch them, it just is.  
This years Crossfit Games champion is Ben Smith.  We all got our first look at him as a teen lifting insane amounts of weight two feet in front of a refrigerator in his parents garage.  There was just something about this young kid lifting in his parents garage.  He was so strong, he moved so well, the determination it takes to train that hard by yourself in a garage, so much to admire, I think he was a little old to be called cute though.
Ben Smith provides a great example for Crossfit kids around the world to follow,  he's humble, determined, respectful, and works on his craft constantly.  Congratulation Ben Smith, so good to see that after 7 trips to the Crossfit Games, he gets a win!

Workout - For time:

20 hang cleans (83/135). 
40 reps of ring dips.
40 reps of ring row.
20 reps hang clean.

There is a 60m jump rope run buy in before any hang clean attempts. Then athletes do an unbroken max rep set of hang cleans. The final rep of the set must include a thruster for the reps to count toward their goal of 20 reps. Each time they set the bar down they redo the buy in. No buy ins necessary for the dips or rows.