It's Gotta Be Heavy In Order To Get Strong

Today we did a 5 x 5 bench press.  One of the good things about doing volume workouts like this in lifting is that they do not have to be super heavy or even sometimes heavy to elicit a benefit (mostly referring to strength gains).  This has to do with muscular and neurological stimuli, as you increase reps per set it becomes more of a muscular exposure.  As you decrease reps (the assumption is the weight goes up), it becomes more of a neurological stimulus.  Ever wonder why weightlifters can get super strong while not putting on much muscle, or why bodybuilders are super jacked but aren't considered strength athletes?  When you do lower reps sets, singles and doubles for example, in order to get a benefit (strength) form those low rep sets, the weight needs to be heavy.
 Especially when you're referring to the general crossfit population (novice and intermediate levels), there are gains to be had by sometimes staying lighter, and doing more volume.  It doesn't always have to be heavy for strength gains.

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5 x 5 Bench Press

5 Rounds:
1st minute: Calorie Row (12/15)
2nd minute:  10 HSPU
3rd minute: 7 Toe To Bar 7 Box Jump