Why Use The Belt?

Interesting conversation Kim (pictured here handling a PR deadlift) and I had today after she made her PR lift.  That involves the belt and why you use it.  Kim made the comment that the 205 she hit without a belt felt heavier than the 225 with a belt, and it definitely looked that way as well.  The belt obviously isn't the only variable that determines the "feel" of a lift, but it has been a general observation that the belt can make up to a 20 pound jump actually feel lighter.  So this is why we right now suggest the belt up in those high percentages, most people can get so far without one, and then once the belt is used it takes them to a level unnatainable without a belt.


1RM Deadlift

50 Double Under
50 Sit Ups
200 meter run
40 Double Under
40 Sit Ups
200 meter run
30 Double Under
30 Sit Ups
200 meter run
20 Double Under
20 Sit Ups
200 meter run
10 Double Under
10 Sit Ups
200 meter run