Today we approached our squats partly from the perspective of the sport of weightlifting (clean and jerk and snatch).  Efficiency in the snatch and clean in weightlifting has a lot to do with getting your butt LOW!  The lower you are able to squat, the less work you are required to do.  This is in regards to how far you have to move the bar, compare a power clean to a (full) clean, more work is required to move the bar to a higher receiving position in the power clean than in a (squat) clean. 
Pausing at the bottom of a squat in training, as we did today, is great for many reasons.  One is the time it allows you to open up your hips and really let the weight take you LOW.  We of course did this with our positions in mind, not sacrificing a good position for range of motion.  An example of this would be going lower by squatting into the toes, letting the heels come up.  Working on your range of motion in the front squat should transfer over to you clean, allowing more room to get under the bar!  Did you feel like you were able to get a little lower today in your front squat with a pause?  
Here is Rick maintaining a great position in his front pause front squat.


3 x 5 Front Squat
*3s pause at the bottom of first two reps

5 Rounds EMOM-bata:
2 minutes to get x number of wall balls (20/14lb - 10/11ft) and pull ups
*score lowest reps in whatever round, combining two movements.