Strength And Range

This is what it looks like to be overhead with a kettlebell swing.  Hoku showing that he not only has great strength, but range as well.  Those are two crucial aspects that make a great lifter, strength and range (of motion).  Speed/explosiveness is in there too, but seeing a weightlifter squat to depths unheard of with big weights, while staying in a great upright position, is something to behold. 

OK, maybe that's too low :)


With a partner, row 200 meters 14 times with one minute rest between rows (rowing machines will be set to row intervals of 200 meters with 1 minute rest) .  Partners alternate on the rowers.  While not rowing, teams must also complete 14 rounds of 10 push press (65/95) and 10 KBSs (35/53).  The rounds of push press and KBSs can be completed at whatever pace they like so it is possible to finish all the PP/KBS sets before finishing all the rows, which would allow for more rest later in the workout.  The score is the total time to finish the 14 rows.