Help A Sister Out

There are a few benefits to assisting pull ups with a spotter instead of bands, especially when doing strict chest to bar.  The range from chin over bar to chest to bar is a very challenging area to strengthen (click here for post about length/tension relationship of muscle fibers).  Problem is, with using a band to get this end range, you're probably loading up the bottom of the pull more than you'd like in order to get the tension at the top.  The bands do not distribute equal tension through their stretch, so you're getting much more tension/force = assistance at the bottom than you are at the top.  Having a partner allows for the appropriate amount of help through the entire range of motion.  Here is Rosemary spotting Osha all the way to the chest to bar.


5 rounds:
6 bench press
- 1 minute rest - 
5 chest to bar strict pull ups
- rest 2 minutes -

14 burpees
4 rope climbs
12 burpees
3 rope climbs
10 burpees
2 rope climbs
8 burpees
1 rope climb
4 burpees