What's Your Fav?

Is the bottom of the squat is THE position in lifting weights?  What is your favorite lifting position?  Pulling off the ground in a deadlift?  Jumping weight up in the clean or snatch?  The jerk land?
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6 x 5 back squat with tempo (3s down, 3s at bottom) on first rep

5 rounds:
5rds: 1 DB DL 1 DB HPC 1 DB HC
Farmer carry: 1-2-3-4-5
30 double unders
*first round:  5x through complex, 1 suicide (1st line an back)
*second round: 4x through complex, 2 suicide (1st line and back + 2nd line and back)
*third round: 3x through complex, 3 suicides (1st line and back + 2nd line and back + 3rd line and back) etc.