Mona Lisa

People have been lifting weights, running and jumping rope for many years.  I'm sure some guy, somewhere, at one point thought what it would be like to combine all three of those things and do a circuit for a few rounds as fast as he could.  Maybe he only had 20 minutes before work, or maybe he had to try and meet the hot babe that was getting out of the kickboxing class soon.  That guy may have been unknowingly doing a workout that would literally change the fitness industry forever.  Greg Glassman tends to be a pretty polarizing figure, you either hate him or you love him.  But you simply cannot deny his genius. 
We may over the years become a little desensitized in a way and even start to take the Crossfit methodology for granted (guilty here).  Every once in a while it's nice to stop, take a look around and smell the roses.  This Crossfit thing is pretty freaking incredible.  Even if you don't know all the quantitative analysis, complex programming and movement patterns that go on, when you combine lifting, gymnastic and mono-structural (cardio) movements together and go fast, you can feel that there is something extraordinary going on.  This isn't just those three things in isolation happening together making some nice soup recipe.  This is literally combining three colors to make the Mona Lisa.  I personally was obsessed when it started, then took it for granted, and now think I am in a place where I have great gratitude for this masterpiece of a fitness program I get to coach every day.  Thank you.


5 rounds:
1 minute to get: 5 shoulder press (as heavy as possible - AHAP)
At the one minute mark, for time: 30 double unders 400 meter run
*each round is every 6 minutes.