Slow Down To Go Faster

Pacing is crucial in Crossfit.  When you see the word pacing you may interpret it as starting off slow, which for most people that is (relatively) exactly what you're doing.  But there is more to it.  Being an experienced pacer in any sport, means you have a great awareness of your bodies capacity to do work.  Whether it's in a basketball game, a marathon, or a 1K row for time in Crossfit, pacing is essential.  There may be no easier place than on a Concept 2 rower to gauge your pace.  As long as you have an accurate baseline (like a previous 1K time), the projected finish option allows you to see at all times what your finish mark will be while rowing at that moments pace.  What a lot of people find is that it almost feels too easy starting off, but that is pacing!  Have you ever tried to apply this to a classic Crossfit workout?  When the animalistic urge is to come out firing like a bat out of hell, can you think about the beginning of your paced out 2K or 1K.  Try to apply that same comfortable, relaxed, maybe this is too slow feeling to your workouts, and see what happens.  The open is coming up, and that is where we truly get to see who has the awareness, who can pace.
Tanya, Sean, Jess and Ali just about to hit their last push in the 1K. 


Midline work:  reverse crunches, back hyper holds, side plank holds
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1K row for time