I apologize for the late post. Traveling got the best of me yesterday.
Looks like another good partner workout with a lot of grip work. Is grip ever a factor for you in workouts??


20 minute partner AMRAP:

10 dumbbell bench press

10 KBSs (35/53)

40 yard farmer carry

10 DB deadlift

Max rep unbroken dead hang pull ups.

Partners alternate movements, one working at a time. Each round the athletes choose a dumbbell weight to be used for the bench press, deadlift and farmer carry. Their score per round is 10% of their dumbbell weight for that round (i.e. 100#s of DB = 10 pts.) + reps of pull ups.


After the AMRAP rest 2 minutes, then 2 minutes to get max reps push ups and pull ups, partners working at the same time and switching movements whenever they choose.