Neat little weightless shot here.  Matt is mid box jump and Maria is off the ground launching the  medball.



Teams of 5

Three Rounds - 7 minutes on and 2 minutes rest:

Buy in - Score 20 points as a team (each person earns 1 point for 20 unbroken reps or 30 broken reps of the one of the following 6 movements:  (wall balls (14/20), push press (53/75), ball slams (20/30), double unders (40 unbroken reps or 80 broken reps), KBSs (35/53), or T2Bs). Every time one teammate earns a point they move a Kettlebell one square forward along a 20 square long ladder.

After 20 pts. have been earned the remainder of the round is used to row for calories, two rowing machines per team. The combined calories rowed per team are their scores.