Who Is Dave Durante?

Have you checked out the the latest clinic coming up?  Coached by Dave Durante.  If you are wondering who this man is, check this video out.  How fortunate are we!!  Spots are filling up fast so if you're interested don't hesitate!  Click the link to the right of the page.


For time, complete 16 reps of the first 35 movements listed and 2 reps of the final 5 movements listed: (16 reps) - Air squat, front squat (53/75), back squat (53/75), overhead squat (53/75), wall ball (14/20), kettlebell swing (35/53), ball slam (30/40), shoulder press (53/75), push press (53/75), push jerk (53/75), bench press (53/75), pull up, box jump (30/24"), toes to bar, knees to elbow, Abmat sit-up, GHD sit-up, hip extension, pass-through, push up, walking lunge, ring row, dip, burpee, clean (53/75), snatch (53/75), thruster (53/75), sumo deadlift high-pull ( 35/53 KB), pistol, dead lift (53/75), row (calories), run (160 m), double under, farmer carry (35/45# DBs - 160m), gassers,  (2 reps) - rope climb, muscle up, Turkish get ups (20/30# DBs), prowler push, handstand push ups.  Athletes have the choice of omitting one of the movements.