I Am Not A Woman

I am not a woman, but I believe I know enough to share a line...  
CrossFit never ceases to amaze me - the workouts, the growth, the community, wow.  This morning while maxing out the front squat with the 6am, I stood there in awe of the women in the class.  Since Sherri Hyde running laps around me in my very early days at HQ, or coaching Annie through many years of competition, to this morning where I watched massive weight after massive weight get beautifully crushed by the women of the class, I can't help but smile in astonishment.  I won't go into our culture, body image and the rest of it, but what I do know is that it feels dam good to watch these incredible women do their thing.  So much respect.

Shana, Alison, and Becca were among this group of aspiring squatters.  


1RM Front Squat

3 rounds:
15 OHS (65/95lb)
250 meter row
- rest 2-3 minutes