Put Your Head Down

Sometimes you gotta just put your head down and go for it!  Not better place to do that than on the assault bike at Central.  Abbi and Kim Saxton going for it!


3 rounds with a partner:
1 minute to complete work and 1 minute rest at the following 5 stations:
1.) line sprint (5 lines) then 10 weighted lunges (33/45)
2.) 15 GHD sit ups and 15 push ups
3.) 6/10 calories on assault bike and 10 wall balls (14/20)
4.) 40 double unders and 10 box jumps (20/24)
5.) 100/150 m row and 10 KBSs Teams score 1 point for every second under one minute it takes them to complete each station and lose 1 point for every rep not completed during that minute.