The Third Coming

Today was a doubly special day.  Not only was it Halloween, but we had the up and coming Flo Budsdottir and her training partner Thor bless us with their presence.  Only the die hards of the CrossFit community have heard about Flo Budsdottir, but she assured us this morning that the whole world will know of Flo Budsdottir and Thor after this years CrossFit Games season.  Budsdottir explained, "Annie and Katrin have had their time, this is my year.  My training partner Thor does not let me quit.  There's absolutely no stopping me!"  Gary responded, " Wow, that's a pretty big claim, how.."  Before Gary could finish, Budsdottir cut in, "I train 17 times a day, I olylift, powerlift, speedlift, airlift, chairlift, I even recently got a facelift.  There's literally nothing I can't lift."  
We are very excited for Flo and this upcoming Games season, we wish her and Thor nothing but the best!

Partner Workout:

7 minute AMRAP:
Wall ball (14/20lb) (10/11ft) 
Calorie row
*both working at same time at separate movements
- 3 minute rest - 
7 minute AMRAP:
100 pull up buy-in
remaining time: shuttle runs (10 meters up, 10 meters back)
*one person working at a time
- 3 minutes rest -
For time:
1000 meter run
50 power clean (95/135lb)
*one person working at a time