Can Being Nice Increase Your Squat?

Have you heard the saying? - "you don't get stronger from training, you get stronger from resting from training."  There is a lot of wisdom in this sentence.  One of the questions it begs, is what are you doing outside the gym for your recovery?  How is your sleep?  Are you doing things to keep your stress levels down?  How is your nutrition?  Actual training does nothing but break our bodies down, but that's a good thing because our physiology is made of magical processes that respond to this stress and build us up to a stronger level.
The point is we can benefit much more from training by allowing our bodies to do what it has the potential to do and recover efficiently and effectively. 
Here are some things that help promote recovery:  Good night sleep, fresh local foods, sufficient macronutrient (protein/carb/fat) consumption, spending time in nature, stretch/roll,  quiet time (read, meditate, float :) ), ice baths, sauna, being nice to people.  
Here are some things on the other side that hinder recovery and adaptation.  Watching TV late into the night, processed foods, sugar, alcohol, lack of sleep, overworking, over-training, being mean to people. 
So maybe this weekend, if Sunday is your day off for example - take a walk in the woods, go to bed early or at a decent time, smile.

Partner Workout:

100 calorie row
90 toe to bar
80 calorie row
70 medball sit ups
60 calorie row
50 KBS (53/70lb)
40 calorie row
30 calories on assault bike
20 calorie row
10 prowler lengths