Who Took It?

It came down to the final workout with three teams, and Europe took it!


7 rounds with a partner: rounds begin every 4 minutes. 200 meter row, each partner rows 100m, when not on the rower each athlete completes 10 plate squats (10/15#). 60 reps of high knees across the gym while their partner applies resistance with a rubber band. 20 reps dumbbell bench press (30/45#), each partner completes 5 push ups while the partner completes 10 bench reps. 60 reps of high knees (the partner that held the band the first time) back to the starting line. The team that finishes the round first gets 1 point, second, 2 points, etc. First place rows an additional 50 meters the next round, last place rows 50 meters fewer.