Keepin It Going!

Keepin it going with max push up tomorrow!  Here are some common faults.  
1.  "The Worm" - leaving hips behind at the bottom.  Hips and shoulders are not moving with each other out of the bottom.  
2.  Down-Dog:  Hips rise before shoulders.  Cannot rest in down-dog.  Can only rest in plank.
3.  Short ROM:  shorten range of motion, not touching chest and stomach.

These are (very) good reps.  Notice how
1.  Hips and shoulders move at the same rate and in line.  
2.  Thighs do not touch the ground.  You may rest in plank position (remember the kick-stand!?)
3. Full range of motion.  Chest and stomach touch the ground to fully locked out arms with shoulders and hips in line.  


3 Rounds:
500 meter row
12 bodyweight deadlifts
21 box jumps at 20in