And The Winner Is...

Sometimes you grab the camera and magically the perfect shot sets up.  Annie didn't see me with the camera pointed at Nancy, as she walked over and set up with the coaches angle.  Right when she got to her spot, Nancy was hitting a beautiful finish position on the snatch deadlift shrug exercise.  They call that one-take Jake!

There were 1838 total push ups performed on Wednesday, sending shock-waves across the globe.  Who guessed 1?  Isn't that some wily gameshow tactic?  I believe that would have won, as everyone, completely understandably, guessed way over.  But Casey Davis takes the cake today.  Good job my friend, I'm cool with splitting 50/50.  


5 sets:
1 snatch deadlift shrug
1 snatch

50 double under
7 muscle up
10 db front-rack step ups (30/40lb)
75 double under
5 muscle up
10 db front-rack step ups
100 double under
3 muscle up
10 db front-rack step ups