Polar Bear Club


Polar BearClub 3 who braved the 8:00 AM.

10 Two-Minute Rounds:
Rounds 1-4, 3X's through the following complex:
Rounds 5-8, 2X's through:
Rounds 9-10, 1X through:
1 Dead lift
1 Hang power clean
1 Push press
1 Front squat
1 Power clean
1 Jerk
2 Lunges
Athletes choose their starting weight and can increase weight 10 pounds after rounds they completed complex the appropriate number of times. If they did not complete the complex the required number of times they decrease the weight the following round. The score is the ending weight. Bonus: 4 minutes after finishing, reduce the weight to the starting weight and AMRAP the complex unbroken for up to 2 minutes for total reps.