So many good things about Eli's front squat here.  One you may not be thinking, but is often a great demonstration of a good front squatter, is the space between his elbows and knees..  Have you ever seen or had your elbows touch your knees in a front squat?  There is a torso length consideration here, but when the elbows come to touch the knees, usually that means the upright front squat position is not being held.  
Next front squat workout, see if that helps to focus on keeping your elbows as high above your knees as possible - it may help you stay more upright.  
What other parts of Eli's squat do you notice being performed well?


3 x 4 Front Squat

45 wall ball (14/20lb) (11/20ft)
21 power snatch (65/95lb)
30 wall ball
15 power snatch
18 wall ball
9 power snatch