Matchy Matchy

Before the Reebok days, the standard CrossFit enthusiast you would see at local competitions or events would be dressed in all kinds of eccentric outfits.  It seemed to be a sort of adolescent stage of trying to find "the look" for CrossFit. 
Reebok with the help of Rogue came in established the get-up.  Now most CrossFitters have a pretty fashionable look.  
On paper this may seem pretty insignificant, and it may be for some - but for most others, it's all about feeling good for your workouts and part of feeling good is looking good, whatever that means for you.  So giddy-on your get-up and let's get after it!
Cameron showing us how it's done - lifting heavy weight and looking dam good doing it.  


3 rounds:
5 deadlift
10 shoulder press
*each set every 2 minutes