How Many Assault Bike MILES!?

Most likely similar to you, I have no idea what's going on in this photo, but it sure looks awesome. 


Teams or 4-5, Assault Bike 9 miles for time:
Each time gets one bike and teammates alternate working.
From 0-2 miles the teams only bike
From 2-3 miles-each teammate must complete 30 reps of KBS (35/53) before starting the next mile
From 3-4 miles - 30 reps of weighted box (20") step ups (15/25# plates overhead)
From 4-5 miles - 30 reps of ring push ups
From 5-6 miles - 30 pull ups
From 6-7 miles - 30 reps of hang power snatch (53/75)
From 7-9 miles - bike only.