Do You Feel A Difference?

We took the bench press day today to work the narrow grip.  A big part of this technique today was winding up the arms in external rotation in the set up (the un-racked, arms locked out, scapulae retracted position).  From that position we descended with the elbows in close to the body, using the lats to control the descent.  With this externally rotated and elbow in position, the shoulder is in a more supported and stable space.  A lot of people mentioned today this narrow grip technique feeling better on the shoulders.  You may have also noticed, for the same reasons, a more elbow-in push up being advocated lately. Have you felt a difference, good or bad, in a more narrow grip and elbow-in bench press or push up?
Here is Greg working that technique.


5 x 5 Narrow Grip Bench Press

5 rounds for time:
1st minute: 12 burpee box jumps (20/24in)
2nd minute: 15 toe to bar
*if you can't hold your number, take the next minute to finish the reps you were unable to in the previous minute.  10 minutes is the fastest attainable time.