Inchworm Walk

We do a lot of inchworms in our warm ups.  They are great for opening up the posterior and shoulders, and also gets the body temp up effectively.  Cool little tip from Carmen this morning.  When you're crawling your feet to your hands, keep your hands flat on the ground, don't come up into your finger tips.  And then when you're walking your hands out, think about it as handstand walking.  Keep the elbows straight alternating hand to hand.  Here's a photo of Carmen going over just that this morning.


5 Rounds:
8 Sumo-Deadlifts
3 Strict Handstand Push Ups (scale to your challenging variation for 3 reps)
*each round is every 3 minutes

3 rounds:
2min AMRAP: 250m row buy-in into shuttle runs
- rest 3 minutes -