What's The Rush?

Jessica is one of many beautiful "movers" in the gym.  What stands out the most about her movement, aside from the coordination, timing and positioning, is her approach.  She seems to really take her time and focus on each movement.  
One place this idea is noticeable is in the finish position of the clean.  A lot of times we get eager to pull the bar up or ourselves underneath and don't take the time or have the patience to finish the pull.  This position shown by Jessica is a great example of not rushing the movement, finishing the pull in triple extension.

March First Friday!
Motiv grand opening party with LionFish this Friday the 4th!  Ribbon cutting with the Mayor at 5:30 and then food all night.
No kids.
Ask Gary if you have any questions, see you there!

If you are planning on doing any open workout outside of Friday or 11am Saturday, you MUST let us know the time beforehand.  That way we can better assist you in your efforts.  Thank you!


3 rounds: 18 KBS (53/70lb) 18 burpees
3 rounds: 400 meter run 12 KBS
3 rounds: 200 meter run 12 burpees