Have You Ever?

Have you ever made the mistake of not showing up for work?  Maybe covering for a shift that you completely forgot?  Chances are if you have, your boss or clients would be very unhappy with you.  You may even get fired, lose your job or maybe a client or two.  Well, I did exactly that this morning.  I was scheduled to cover Josh's wonderful Sunday morning, and there I was at 9am cooking a nice big breakfast with my family when I got the call from Steph Luck.  If you've ever made a similar mistake you know the feeling I had.  On top of that, Helene who works so hard non-stop for the gym, was the one who came in to save the day.  As I was thinking of ways to attempt to repay those who missed a class and Helene who ended up covering, I got a text (see picture below).  You've heard me write about it before, but this is just another example of the incredibly special place we all have the opportunity to train at every day.  This gym is exceptional because of the people who train and work here. Thank you everyone who came this Sunday for being so understanding and supportive, and of course Helene for swooping in to salvage what was left of the Sunday classes. 


Tabata Chipper:
Push ups
Hollow Hold
Jump Rope
Star Sit Up